How to buy online

1 Choose your product You can select the product you want you buy click “Add to cart” or if you want to select items stored and pay later click “Interesting product “
2 Check or edit items.  Check or modify the product list. You can click “My cart”
3 Ordering product You can choose the following
New Customers : To place an order , simply fill in the payment information and your shipping details , it’s a member of the Sazori Supermarket to make it easy to order next time or ordering though your Facebook account is easy . The newsletter will be available and the best promotion.
Older customers : Easy order entry through the system. Just log in enter your email and password.
4 Choose delivery method We will deliver the goods directly to you into 2 Channels as follow :

  1. By express Mail Service (EMS)
    –     Bangkok Metropolitan Region (1 Working day)
    –     Provincial (1-2 Working day)
  2. By shipping company (Kerry)
    –     Bangkok Metropolitan Region (1 Working day)
    –     Provincial (1-2 Working day)

You can buy unlimited item we only charge you in total amount 70 baht. (If your order is worth 3,000 baht or more free sipping)

5  Method of payment Transfer money and notification payment (Read more at “How to pay online“)
6 receive your email by order When to order so will receive an order confirmation email. Please Confirm payment within 24 hours. If not done within the specified time. Your order will automatically be canceled.