1. About Sazori Supermarket >

What is the Sazori Supermarket ?
Allows you to purchase a wide range of products , comfartable from your home and you will receive the goods delvered within the time you are comfortable.
We operate import and distribution of various consumer products. Focus on imported products from Japan. And other countries. So, you get instant convenience just by connecting to the internet.

Where to send ?
Sazori Supermarket service in the area of Bangkok and its vicinity , other than Bangkok and its vicinity.

2. How to order at Sazori Supermarket >

3. What can buy? The Sazori supermarket >

What products ?
More than 500 items imported from Japan . Such as coffee , tea ,snacks , candy , food ingredients including beauty products and household products.

Is there a limit to the number of purchases ?
Can order up to 24 pieces per product and may change the number of items from time to time as we appropriate . However , large orders for items with promotional items are limited . Purchase as appropriate.

4. How to choose a product >

5. How to make a payment >

6. Cancel or edit you order >

Chang of product receipt
Tel : 02-517-3477 ( 09:00 – 18:00 ) . Please make a purchase order number for convenience in receiving service change. The Sazori supermarket can’t contact customer to confirm order . Sazori supermarket reserves the right to change the delivery period . Without the prior notice .

Cancel order Order cancellation 2 ways
1. Call center at 02-517-3477
2. Send email to Sazorionline@hotmail.com or click the chat icon next to the hours of operation from 09-00 – 18.00 every day .

7. Get products >

The age of the recipient.
The recipient must be at least 20 years old when the product is delivered at home. The credit card holder must be the consignee.

What happens if the delivery is delayed ?
We will contact you, however, if you are not contacted by us. Please inquire to 02-517-3477

If the item does not meet the order ?
If any items are missing from your order. Please contact 02-517-3477

Can change or return purchase ?
“You have the right to change or return the product within days from the date you received the goods. The product must be in the same condition at the date of delivery. Unless it is a perishable product. The product is consumable. In the case of consumables. Please return the remaining products from the first 7 days as mentioned above.”

8. What happens if the item is out of order ? >

” We will let you know and we will offer you a replacement product . You can choose to accept or reject the items we offer.”

9. List of products you order reqularly >

List of products you order reqularly
The item you have purchased online . When you log in can go to the bar ” List of products you regularly order ” to add items you have purchased to add items to your cart . So you do not have to find that item again.

10. Terms and Conditions >